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New Puppy Checklist

A puppy requires a lot of care and attention, so it is a good idea to plan ahead and buy the things you’ll need before you bring him or her home. Here’s a checklist of some basics to get you started:


Purina ProPlan Puppy Starter Kit - Food designed specifically for puppies including 


Treats for training

Food and water dishes

Blanket with littermates' and mom's scent

Crate (to be replaced by a bigger one as he grows)

Crate bedding (at least 2 sets)

Puppy house-training wee-wee pads

Dog gate(s)

Soft, adjustable collar (and new ones as he grows)

At least one 4-to-6-foot leash, leather or webbed (an additional longer lead useful for training)

Chew toys (the more the better — toys can be rotated and bulldogs are chewers!)

A brush the breeder recommends for your puppy’s coat and sturdy metal comb

Gentle puppy shampoo

Good-quality dog nail trimmer or Dremel made specifically for dogs

Vet contact information

Puppy health log / vet health certificate / vaccination records

12 month Health Guarantee

Trupanion Starter Kit - 30 day pet protection plan

Microchip with AKC ReUnite Registration information


Provided by JoMo Kennels with your new puppy.

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